La CofradiaLA COFRADIA is a 100% Mexican enterprise . At present time it is owned by Family Hernández Ramos who, along over 50 years has already achieved its consolidation as a leader company in its field.

The starter of this factory was Mr. Carlos Hernández Hernández Hernández who was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco and since when he was a youngster was involved in the world of Tequila. After some time spent in working for a Tequila factory, he took his choice going his own way, but still within the Tequila industry. He didn’t produce Tequila by that time, he only bought and sold Tequila “Viva la Villa”.

In 1990, he and an associate bought “La Cofradía Ranch” (its former name) in Tequila, Jal. Then, the time passing, Mr. Carlos  Hernández  Hernández  became the only owner. It is then when to the activities of buy and sell, the production of Tequila is added.

By 1959 Mr. Hernández   got married to Ms. Estela Ramos who gets involved in her husband’s business working with him shoulder to shoulder ever since. Their children, since youngsters, were getting involved in their parent’s business. This way, children converted the factory in a family enterprise and even more, their own COFRADIA as this word’s meaning (brotherhood).

“La Cofradía, S.A. de C.V.” is founded in May 1991. At present time its Director General is Ing. Carlos Hernández Ramos. La Cofradía is an enterprise that very carefully closely cares the quality of its products giving, so the national as the international consumer a Tequila with a special flavor, since it’s elaborated in a  Hacienda surrounded by fruit  trees, odors that, in  union to the flavors of cooked agave gives a unique and very characteristic flavor to the Tequila produced in this young, plucky and successful Tequila enterprise.